Past Presidents




Past Presidents, 2023 - 1925

2021-23 H. Bohlmann

“The Cost of Going Nowhere Slowly”

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2020 J. Rossouw

2018-19 W. Krugell

2016-18 G. Keeton

“Post-truth”, “alternative facts” & “Fakenomics”

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2014-16 J. Luiz

Presidential: The political economy of middle-income traps: is South Africa in a long run growth trap? The path to ‘bounded populism’.

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2012-14 P. Burger

Facing the conundrum: How useful is the developmental state' concept in South Africa?

Wages, productivity, and labour’s declining income share in post-Apartheid South Africa.

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2010-12 S. Du Plessis

Nationalising South African mines: Back to a prosperous future, or down a rabbit hole?
Assets matter: A new and old view of monetary policy

2008-10 M. Leibbrandt

Growth and Poverty in South Africa: An Analytic Review.
Why Focus on Economic Mobility in the Measurement and Analysis of Economic Well-Being in South Africa?

2006-07 R. Parsons

The emergence of institutionalized social dialogue in SA
After Mugabe goes – the economic and political reconstruction of Zimbabwe

2004-05 E. Loots

Nepad and the capital flows initiative: Can Africa walk the walk?
Aid and development in Africa: The debate, the challenges and the way forward

2002-03 P.A. Black

On the case for black economic empowerment in South Africa
Poverty at the household level: A review of theory and South African evidence

2000-01 E. Calitz

Fiscal implications of the economic globalisation of South Africa
structural economic reform in South Africa: some international comparisons

1998-1999 C.L. McCarthy

Problems and prospects of African economic development
Polarised development in a SADC free trade area

1996-97 W.D. Reekie

The university as firm: Oxymoron or a pour parler se rirer d'affaire?
The economics of health and the health of economics

1994-95 G.L. De Wet

The RDP and a structural problem in the South African economy
Prognosis for growth and development in South Africa

1992-93 M. Holden

Trade reform: Finding the right road
Lessons for South Africa from the New Growth and Trade Theories

1990-1991 P.D.F.Strydom

Markets, information and liberty
After apartheid: Correcting economic failure

1988-89 S.S. Brand

Privatization: An economist's view
Demografie, skuld en ekonomiese ontwikkeling

1986-87 M.L. Truu

Economics and politics in South Africa today
Confused thinking, intellectual fashion and received knowledge in economics today

1984-85 J.A. Lombard

Monetêre stabiliteit as voorvereiste in die ekonomiese politiek
The evolution of the theory of economic policy

1982-83 A.B. Dickman

Corporate finance and monetary policy
Market-oriented policies and financial markets

1980-81 G.P.C. De Kock

The new South African business cycle and its implications for South Africa
New developments in monetary policy in South Africa

1978-79 F.J. Du Plessis

Monetary policy in South Africa (1979)

1976-77 G.J. Trotter

The economic rationale for educational planning
Education and income distribution

1974-1975 H.J.J. Reynders

Die mikro- en makro-studie van ekonomiese verskynsels: Die gevaar van isolasie
Aspects of the goal of the firm in the world of today

1972-1973 D.J.J. Botha

Some thoughts on devaluation
On tariff policy: The formative years

1970-1971 J.L. Sadie

Die toegevoegde waarde belasting
Population and economic development in South Africa

1968-69 J. de V. Graaff

The future of taxation
The national debt

1966-67 D.G. Franzsen

Improvements in the adjustment process and the restoration of international monetary stability
Inflasie en die finansiële meganisme

1964-65 O.P.F. Horwood

The financing of higher education in South Africa, with particular reference to the universities economic balance, dualism and growth

1962-63 L.M. Lachmann

Cost inflation and economic institutions
Cultivated growth and the market economy

1960-61 D.H. Houghton

Men of two worlds: Some aspects of migratory labour
Land reform in Bantu areas and its effect upon urban labour

1958-59 C.G.W. Schumann

Die huidige taak van die ekonoom met spesiale verwysing na Suid-Afrika.
Aspects of economic growth with special reference to South Africa

1957 M.H. De Kock

The present state of monetary policy

1955-56 W.J. Busschau

Capital and economic policy in the union of South Africa
The need for currency stabilization

1953-54 T.H. Kelly

Economics as a tool of business management
The transition to customs union in South Africa

1951-52 H.M. Robertson

Economic co-operation between Western Europe and the Commonwealth
The politico-economic background of Jan van Riebeeck's settlement

1950 A.J. Limebeer

Economic revolution

1947-49 H.R. Burrows

An approach to the Indian problem in South Africa
Wool in the South African economy, F.J.C. Cronje, in lieu of Prof. Burrows (1949)

1946 G.S.H. Rossouw

The problem of imperial preference

1944-45 C.S. Richards

The task before us: With special reference to industry
Economic incentives of the post-war world

1942-43 S.H. Frankel

World economic solidarity
World economic welfare

1940-41 W.H. Hutt

Economic lessons of the allied war effort
Distributive justice

1938-39 E.H.D. Arndt

Safeguarding the investor
The Pretoria mints

1936-37 R. Leslie

Economics in South Africa gold, 1936-37

1934-35 C.W. Pearsall

The upward turn
Another year

1932-33 C.L. Read

The union native and the Witwatersrand gold mines SAJE, 1933

1931 S. Evans

The wealth of Africa

1929-30 J.E. Holloway

Both addresses dealt with the Great Depression. The first was delivered in July, 1930, the second in 1931, under the title "Presidential address, 1930-31," and published in the Journal of the Economic Society of South Africa, 1930, Vol. III, Part 2, and 1931, Vol. IV, Part 2

1928 J.F.W. Grosskopf

1925-27 W.H. Clegg

A general paper on economic events at the time, delivered February, 1927,
Journal of the Economic Society of South Africa, Vol I no 2