Past Presidents




Past Presidents and Addresses, 1925 - 2013

1925-27 W.H. Clegg

A general paper on economic events at the time, delivered February, 1927,
Journal of the Economic Society of South Africa, Vol I no 2

1928 J.F.W. Grosskopf

1929-30 J.E. Holloway

Both addresses dealt with the Great Depression. The first was delivered in July, 1930, the second in 1931, under the title "Presidential address, 1930-31," and published in the Journal of the Economic Society of South Africa, 1930, Vol. III, Part 2, and 1931, Vol. IV, Part 2

1931 S. Evans

The wealth of Africa

1932-33 C.L. Read

The union native and the Witwatersrand gold mines SAJE, 1933

1934-35 C.W. Pearsall

The upward turn
Another year

1936-37 R. Leslie

Economics in South Africa gold, 1936-37

1938-39 E.H.D. Arndt

Safeguarding the investor
The Pretoria mints

1940-41 W.H. Hutt

Economic lessons of the allied war effort
Distributive justice

1942-43 S.H. Frankel

World economic solidarity
World economic welfare

1944-45 C.S. Richards

The task before us: With special reference to industry
Economic incentives of the post-war world

1946 G.S.H. Rossouw

The problem of imperial preference

1947-49 H.R. Burrows

An approach to the Indian problem in South Africa
Wool in the South African economy, F.J.C. Cronje, in lieu of Prof. Burrows (1949)

1950 A.J. Limebeer

Economic revolution

1951-52 H.M. Robertson

Economic co-operation between Western Europe and the Commonwealth
The politico-economic background of Jan van Riebeeck's settlement

1953-54 T.H. Kelly

Economics as a tool of business management
The transition to customs union in South Africa

1955-56 W.J. Busschau

Capital and economic policy in the union of South Africa
The need for currency stabilization

1957 M.H. De Kock

The present state of monetary policy

1958-59 C.G.W. Schumann

Die huidige taak van die ekonoom met spesiale verwysing na Suid-Afrika.
Aspects of economic growth with special reference to South Africa

1960-61 D.H. Houghton

Men of two worlds: Some aspects of migratory labour
Land reform in Bantu areas and its effect upon urban labour

1962-63 L.M. Lachmann

Cost inflation and economic institutions
Cultivated growth and the market economy

1964-65 O.P.F. Horwood

The financing of higher education in South Africa, with particular reference to the universities economic balance, dualism and growth

1966-67 D.G. Franzsen

Improvements in the adjustment process and the restoration of international monetary stability
Inflasie en die finansiële meganisme

1968-69 J. de V. Graaff

The future of taxation
The national debt

1970-1971 J.L. Sadie

Die toegevoegde waarde belasting
Population and economic development in South Africa

1972-1973 D.J.J. Botha

Some thoughts on devaluation
On tariff policy: The formative years

1974-1975 H.J.J. Reynders

Die mikro- en makro-studie van ekonomiese verskynsels: Die gevaar van isolasie
Aspects of the goal of the firm in the world of today

1976-77 G.J. Trotter

The economic rationale for educational planning
Education and income distribution

1978-79 F.J. Du Plessis

Monetary policy in South Africa (1979)

1980-81 G.P.C. De Kock

The new South African business cycle and its implications for South Africa
New developments in monetary policy in South Africa

1982-83 A.B. Dickman

Corporate finance and monetary policy
Market-oriented policies and financial markets

1984-85 J.A. Lombard

Monetêre stabiliteit as voorvereiste in die ekonomiese politiek
The evolution of the theory of economic policy

1986-87 M.L. Truu

Economics and politics in South Africa today
Confused thinking, intellectual fashion and received knowledge in economics today

1988-89 S.S. Brand

Privatization: An economist's view
Demografie, skuld en ekonomiese ontwikkeling

1990-1991 P.D.F.Strydom

Markets, information and liberty
After apartheid: Correcting economic failure

1992-93 M. Holden

Trade reform: Finding the right road
Lessons for South Africa from the New Growth and Trade Theories

1994-95 G.L. De Wet

The RDP and a structural problem in the South African economy
Prognosis for growth and development in South Africa

1996-97 W.D. Reekie

The university as firm: Oxymoron or a pour parler se rirer d'affaire?
The economics of health and the health of economics

1998-1999 C.L. McCarthy

Problems and prospects of African economic development
Polarised development in a SADC free trade area

2000-01 E. Calitz

Fiscal implications of the economic globalisation of South Africa
structural economic reform in South Africa: some international comparisons

2002-03 P.A. Black

On the case for black economic empowerment in South Africa
Poverty at the household level: A review of theory and South African evidence

2004-05 E. Loots

Nepad and the capital flows initiative: Can Africa walk the walk?
Aid and development in Africa: The debate, the challenges and the way forward

2006-07 R. Parsons

The emergence of institutionalized social dialogue in SA
After Mugabe goes – the economic and political reconstruction of Zimbabwe

2008-10 M. Leibbrand

Growth and Poverty in South Africa: An Analytic Review.
Why Focus on Economic Mobility in the Measurement and Analysis of Economic Well-Being in South Africa?

2010-12 S. Du Plessis

Nationalising South African mines: Back to a prosperous future, or down a rabbit hole?
Assets matter: A new and old view of monetary policy

2012-14 P. Burger

Facing the conundrum: How useful is the developmental state' concept in South Africa?

Wages, productivity, and labour’s declining income share in post-Apartheid South Africa.

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2014-16 J. Luiz

Presidential: The political economy of middle-income traps: is South Africa in a long run growth trap? The path to ‘bounded populism’.

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2016-18 G. Keeton

“Post-truth”, “alternative facts” & “Fakenomics”

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2018-19 W. Krugell

2020 J. Rossouw